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Monday, September 10, 2007

Wao, you amaze me

How can you all knit this fast? It took me all weekend to do my swatch and just the hem before I ripped. I tell myself it was because I was sick with a cold but no, you do really knit fast.



Annie said...

Don't worry, Aurita, I spent hours knitting yesterday and only finished the hem and three rows of the chart. During the week, I'll have time to do very little knitting. Also notice there are lots of people who haven't posted anything and I imagine many of them aren't going full speed ahead. I knit English (right handed throw) and I know that At this point I also am quite unsure about my gauge and I won't really know until I get several inches of the body done.

Annie said...

I left out some words...??...I know English is slower than Continental....Annie

Astrid's Dutch Obsessions said...

What is important, is that you're having fun knitting, not how fast you go.... take the time to enjoy the yarn and the pattern!

If you have plenty of time, sure you go really fast, you're lucky! But most of us don't have so much time...