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Monday, September 24, 2007

Enough yarn + roses

Hi everyone,

Don't worry too much about the extra yarn, I still have plenty of the grey and white and I managed to get 15 extra balls blue that are a closer color than the new delivery. Some are even of the same dye lot! So I'm sure there will be no problems at all.

This morning I will start on the roses border and I intend -stubborn as I am :) - to knit it in completely, we'll see how it goes. As soon as it's finished, I will post a picture of course.

I'm very happy with the way the sweater is going to look, it's even better than I expected!



Cindy M said...

Astrid, you are a woman after my own heart, in that you stubbornly try things, even if you think they are hard - like four color knitting in a single row!!!! I want pictures when you are ready!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Got2Knit said...

Hi Astrid,
Thanks so much for going to the trouble to find some extra for those who need it! Especially the blue, as it can be really hard to match. As I started, I saw why you could get worried, barely finishing the bottom band and I was done with the first ball of yarn already (I'm doing the medium size as a pullover like you). And a LONG ways to go on this...but then no further comments about yarn and several others getting nearly done, so I thought maybe there wasn't a problem? Anyway it is good news we have more if we need it. Looking forward to your roses border pictures!