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Saturday, September 15, 2007

How is every one doing??

I just thought I would check in...Haven't heard much on this blog just lately, is everyone too busy knitting???? I am loving this yarn and pattern I am just starting M2...........(I am not there yet but thinking ahead) I don't understand where to put the armhole increases...it says on the sides but for me that isn't enough explanation so if someone can help out a little.... How are you all doing????


Annie said...

Hi Becky,
I was thinking about those armhole steek stitches, too, today, as I'm close to finishing M2. I'm dividing the total number of stitches for the body (not including the 5 front steek stitches) by 2 to give total stitches for front and back. For me (I'm doing a size small) that means 228 stitches, minus 5 steek stitches = 223 for the body. Divided by 2 = 111.5 (so the back = 111 and front = 112 since it needs to be even for left and front sides and an odd number in the back doesn't matter). So I'll cast on my steeks between the fronts and the back which is between stitches 56 and 57 and then stitches 167 and 168. Does this help at all?

Annie said...

Disregard the math in my previous comment....I made the same mistake that I did initially when I increased for the body. The total number of body stitches for size small is 228. So the front and back are both 114 stitches. So, I'll do armhole steeks between stitches 57-58 (right front and back and 171-172 (back and left front). I hope this is right! Math is not my forte! Annie

Anonymous said...

Just think that you need to have 112 stitches for the back and 111 + 5 steek stitches for the front.

The more you think about it, the more confusing this can get....

Hope this helps?