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Monday, September 24, 2007

How Is Everyone Doing for Yarn?

Hi everyone! I would like to know how the yarn amounts are working out, since some of you are getting pretty far along on this sweater. I remember that there was some concern early on about whether there would be enough of the main color in the kits, and that the blue was going to be more difficult since the new lot was lighter in color.

Could some of you that are close to finishing let us know what size you are making, and if there was enough yarn in the kit? And if you had to buy more, how much was required? This will help those of us who are a bit slower (ahem...), and lets Astrid know if there is going to be a crunch of orders for extra yarn.



Cindy M said...

Hi Got2Knit, After the body was completed, I had 4.5 balls of gray left (11 originally), and I am knitting the medium. The natural is going fast too and I have a little less than 2 balls of that (4 originally) after the body was done. There 'may' be enough left but I am not at all sure. Will post more as I have more information.

Got2Knit said...

Hi Cindy,
Indeed you MAY have enough there if you take the usual percentages of the body being 2/3 of the total and the sleeves 1/3 and this is a drop-shoulder design so the sleeves are proportionally less than the set-in kind. There are still the front bands for a cardigan...it WILL be close! Thanks so much for the input!