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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Picture of Sweater

You can't see it real good but that is because I am having a little trial period with the new scanner. I found a good printer / scanner combination at target on sale last night for under $25. So I tried laying the sweater on the glass area. Sweater pic HERE. You can see the inside and outside of the sweater and way down in the bottom left area you can see the picot edge. I will try to take better pics. I never enjoyed knitting so much before. This is a SUPER KAL and I am loving every stitch of it!! This is the greatest wool ever.

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Julie W said...

Jean, the stitches on the inside are wonderfully neat. Are you weaving in the strands? How many stitches do you knit without weaving in? I was knitting up to three but the loops were quite long. Haven't yet had time to begin knitting again.