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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Next KAL? Way too early of course, but still...

Hi everyone!

Got2Knit asked for a link to the pictures, but there isn't a link, as this will be in the new Atelier Zitron book that is due to appear only in October... So I contacted them and they sent me those 2 pictures. I saw them in real at the Atelier Zitron factory in August and was quite impressed, not only by the design, but also the yarn. It's Cambio, a lovely 50% merino/50% alpaca and very special too, as this yarn is undyed! So pure nature..... It's amazingly soft of course.
If anyone is interested, just tell me, I know the pattern will be ready quite soon, so maybe I can arrange something....

If you want to see the yarn on the ball, look here, 3 pages (all the colors are in stock)

The sweater version:


JeanTownsend said...

wow this is a really good looking sweater. i see lots of possibilites with browns here.

tonia said...

I really like the brown and the pullover sweater version- I definitely will be interested in knitting this one.

becky said...

riI really like this sweater looks like fun to knit with lots of variety in stitches and colors...
Well I had better get busy huh

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll keep it in mind then for the next project :)

Of course you can also make the cardigan in brown or the sweater in grey.

Next week I will find out how many yarn you need for this project.
The pattern will then be ready in German and then it has to be translated in English, so in the meantime we will be a lot further with this Garnstudio sweater !

It's evening here already and I look forward to some more knitting on the sweater, I'm busy with the lice now. I think I will make the sweater a little longer than the pattern says, I'm quite tall so the sweater will be a bit too short for me if I don't..

Got2Knit said...

Thank you Astrid. It is beautiful and the yarn sounds wonderful. It is kind of a sampler-like sweater, isn't it? Oh dear! I sure don't need any more projects, but this one looks so tempting...

On another subject (of gauge), I decided to knit mine to medium size at 5.5 stitches to the inch, as I too tried it at 5 stitches, and I did not like the fabric. It was too loose. And it will be about 43-44 inches, good since I like sweaters loose enough to wear over another layer. The warning about checking gauge again after knitting in the round is well-taken. I have even found different gauge in sleeves versus sweater body, because somtimes I tend to knit tighter on a smaller tube!

I agree also about making mine a bit longer in the body; I am also tall and like them at low hip level. Of course I could run out of yarn faster that way! We shall see!

Susanne said...

I love that soft brown shade in the yarn. It is a really smashing looking sweater. I think the cardigan would be a better choice for me though as I am of a "certain age" and get warm very quickly, when others are cold!!

Anonymous said...

I will find out how much yarn this project needs, my fingers start itching :)

Better get back to the Garnstudio sweater, it's getting lovely! I'm in the middle of the M2 chart now.