We will have so much fun knitting this cardigan/ sweater.
Everybody is welcome to join us! Just send us a mail and we'll send you an invitation.


Click on this to find the pattern and a BIGGER picture:

Administrator: Jeanie Townsend
Moderator: Astrid

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I did it!! I did it!! Steeking after casting off for the front

After knitting for the entire day today (really, I'm shameless, no laundry or anything else done), I've finished the knitting on the body of the sweater. It took me probably about 8 hours to do the rose border chart but it was worth it. I stranded yarns the way Astrid did and am very pleased with the front of the work. The back looks like spaghetti and isn't as even as Astrid's. Although picking up each yarn as I needed it was slow going, it worked quite well and didn't result in tangles. I'll send pictures soon (I'm using my daughter's computer, working around computer problems.)

One variation I did: after I cast off the front neck stitches, I cast on 5 steek stitches there so that I could continue to knit in the round which made doing the rose border much easier.

Aurita, I'm glad to hear that you find holding the white yarn in your left hand useful. I did that throughout the body, with the gray in my right, and continued to pick up the gray with my right hand (I kept that yarn to my right) in the border pattern, stranding it on top of the other colors (so it wouldn't "pop"). Incidentally, I kept the other balls of yarn lined up on the table in front of me the whole time. Miraculously, after taking out a few rows (pattern above the big Xs), I got the specified body length!! Who knew that would happen?!

Finally, I'm making size small and have 4+ balls of gray yarn left, so I think I'll be fine with yardage. Don't know if that'll help anyone else.

Happy knitting! And Happy Birthday, Astrid!

Update and question

First Happy Birthday Astrid, hope you get to enjoy it with your family.

I have been happily knitting but slowly. I only get ot knit a few minutes and not all days, but enjoying it. I have like 9 inches from the bottom, so tow more and I will be doing the increases for the arm steeks.

I have a question about how to handle the 5 middle steeks stitches. At first I was doing all of them in gray, than I did 3 in white and two in gray, intercalated. Then I read that it was better to do the two outside stitches of the steek (the ones that will be close to the knitting), in the color that was in the sweater, which means to have the two outside stitches in gray, I kept using the white in the middle but they look funny, because the last white stitch for the steek was kind of 2 stitches away when I pick that yarn to make the first white steek, it kind of came from the left, so those 5 stiches are looking kind of funny to me.

I may go back adn do all of them in white. How have you done it?

Also, I ended up using I think Cindy's suggestion about having the white yarn in the left and that has almost completely solved my problem of having very small lice. And to think that at the beginning, I knew the effect of having yarn in one hand vs the other and have decided to have the gray always in the left hand, because somebody else also said that you are better off being consistent through out. Well, that proves that every situation is different and you have to judge it and see what gives you the best result.
The only thing that I am not happy is with the 5 middle steeks.

Also, I decided to try the russina join I think is called, so every time that I start a new ball, I use that technique and will not have any ends to tuck in at the end, but the first ones.


Inside picture

Here it is, a picture of the inside. You can see the long floats in the rose border.

Hope this is of help to you? I'm enjoying the KAL just as much as you, it's much more fun to do it together than alone and it helps you to knit just a little more (and more and more.....)


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dang where have I been i've been wait'n for us to get started and hadn't heard anything yet but now I see we have started.
I was wondering if you could post an upclose picture of the back side of the rose pattern area both in the knitted as you go and in the duplicate sts........to maybe help decide what way to attach the pattern,,,,,,Swede

Friday, September 28, 2007

Body finished in blue

Hi everyone,

The body is finished and I just started on the first sleeve.
The 2/2 rib is done and I really have to start on the rose border again, luckily the rows aren't that long on the sleeves :)

It's so great to read that we are really helping each other making this cardigan/sweater.
A lot of techniques are used and I think we're all enjoying it!

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

M3 Pics

Here is the back of my sweater containing the rows you asked for, Jean. I hope this helps. Annie

Chart M3, Rows 25-45

I sure wish someone would post a pic of their chart M3. I am wondering about the rows with the section of M3 that are Rows 29-40 in particular. I looked at a pic of a sweater that was finished past that area, but it does not seem to look like my chart. I realize we can change up our charts if we want to so I would love to see some of the work done on any or all of chart M3.
I think your roses are just wonderful Astrid. I am looking at the blue and gray sweaters and just can't wait to get that far.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rose border knitted in

It's possible !!

It took me almost an hour per row, but I did manage to knit the rose border without duplicate stitches.
As you can see, I'm only half-way (of course I didn't expect it would really take that long) but at least we know now that it's possible. I don't carry any yarns along, nor hold any in my hand. I simply leave them all hanging and pick up stitch by stitch the yarn I need, that's why it's taking so long.....

Monday, September 24, 2007

Enough yarn + roses

Hi everyone,

Don't worry too much about the extra yarn, I still have plenty of the grey and white and I managed to get 15 extra balls blue that are a closer color than the new delivery. Some are even of the same dye lot! So I'm sure there will be no problems at all.

This morning I will start on the roses border and I intend -stubborn as I am :) - to knit it in completely, we'll see how it goes. As soon as it's finished, I will post a picture of course.

I'm very happy with the way the sweater is going to look, it's even better than I expected!


My Tension Problem and Solution

it seemed every row of the little lice/ white dots, my white/ natural wanted to be tighter than the gray. sort of giving me squinty small dots. Each 12 stitches is a repeat. Each of my repeats is seperated by a marker. I do one repeat as given, the next one , for one of the dots i do a yarn over, k1 with the white. that gave me the little bit of extra white yarn in the yarn over.
on the next row , all gray, i drop the yarn over, knit the white stitch with gray.
the dropped yarn-over loosens up my tight white yarn tension just enough. it does not show at all for my own tension. it gives me one yarn over worth of extra yarn every 24 stitches, not too much, just enough.

Duplicate Stitch Photos

Here are the closeups of the duplicate stitch I am doing. You can see the progression that occurs: I knit in the green areas, and then started the gold in duplicate stitch, and finally the completed band. It takes some time to get used to it, but I sort of like doing the embroidery on the sweater. It sure does look a whole lot better.

I am starting to think about the front bands, and what I should do with them. Maybe the duplicate stitch, but then again, maybe just gray with the row of red on the edge, as the neckband shows in the original design.

How Is Everyone Doing for Yarn?

Hi everyone! I would like to know how the yarn amounts are working out, since some of you are getting pretty far along on this sweater. I remember that there was some concern early on about whether there would be enough of the main color in the kits, and that the blue was going to be more difficult since the new lot was lighter in color.

Could some of you that are close to finishing let us know what size you are making, and if there was enough yarn in the kit? And if you had to buy more, how much was required? This will help those of us who are a bit slower (ahem...), and lets Astrid know if there is going to be a crunch of orders for extra yarn.


Question about knitting a sweater in the round

Hi all,

Yesterday I began my knitting again but this time as a sweater. There is a slight jog where the rows join and I would like your opinion on where to place the join in the finished sweater as I think it would be too unsightly on the front. Would it be best at the back or at the side? Is there a way of avoiding this jog? Hope someone can help!


Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Progress: Tensioning Two Color Knitting

Having said that I use the Philosopher's Wool method of tensioning two color knitting, I realized that my tension is tighter when I'm weaving in the yarn I carry in my right hand because I am not a continental knitter and I hold the yarn less comfortably and more tightly in my left hand. Sooo, the areas where the white yarn (held in my left hand) is dominant are trickier for me. I am not weaving in every other stitch in those areas and, instead am stranding 2-3 stitches. Like Cindy, I'm also concerned about the row gauge since I'm on gauge in the gray/peri M2 area but am averaging 23 rows/10 cm in the more lively M3. I may have to do some adjusting also like eliminating some rows in M3 (rows 43-50?). All of that said, I love knitting this sweater. The yarn is a pleasure to handle and the "real stuff" of patterning in M3 is great fun. I've never attached a picture before so I hope this works. One picture will show my project just after I cast on 90% of the total stitches with size US3 needles. I folded the bottom band and knitted it in before proceeding to the body (on US size 7 needles). The second and third pics show where I am now (the third is the inside). How are other people doing? How's the duplicate stitch coming, Cindy? Annie

Friday, September 21, 2007

I am starting over

I have not been happy with my color work...I am working too tight and it doesn't lay flat like your picures I have even avoided working on my sweater the last few days due to this...so today I frogged my work and will start again...First of all I am changing to the ribbed bottom..
I have seen Philosopher's wool color method mentioned... How do I find it? I am not giving up I love this sweater and wool.....This is a learning project for me...Any advise would be appreciated....Thank you so much.....Becky

Intarsia for the Rose Border?

Cindy's beautiful work is such an inspiration! I, too, use the Philosopher's Wool two handed technique for two color knitting and have found it very useful with this project. Has anyone thought if using a combination of two yarns carried (in one or two hands) and then picking up the extra colors used in a few stitches, like the green and reds, in an intarsia method? I'm into M3 and am contemplating the border. Annie

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Frogged Rose Border

I couldn't stand it any longer, and I frogged the entire rose border and redid it. It took some time to untangle the mess, but it's done and I have reknit it using only the green and the gray. I intend to duplicate stitch the other colors. I am much happier.

Pics to come.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Body Finished

Here are pics of the sweater thus far. I will now machine-stitch the steeks for the sleeves and cut them open, and then knit the shoulders together with a three-needle bindoff.

I have had quite a few problems along the way. My major, major problem has always been my tension. I had to frog part of M3 chart (rows 29-38), because of my tension, since I could not live with the results. I am still trying out new techniques for stranding and weaving, and knitting with both strands in my left hand and sometimes one strand in each hand, attempting to see what works for me. I ultilmately replaced the original rows with another chart which had shorter floats, and it was much better for me. I also had to skip a few rows of M3 in order to get the length required for the diagram of the sweater. My row gauge was not totally consistent either.

THEN, the really hard part: M4. Talk about wonky tension!!!! I carried multiple colors in my left hand, and the gray background in my right. I sort of picked out the color in my left as needed. I am not really happy with my work in this area, as the the floats were really too loose on the back. (I sort of used the Philosopher's Wool method every other stitch, but I was so concerned about the floats being too tight, that I overcompensated. I have pulled up some of the longer floats on the back to diminish the size of the stitch to make it more even.) It became better as I worked. However, I can't stand to think about ripping it out and starting again. I'm thinking that duplicate stitching may be the way to go, but I was simply determined to get better at my knitting technique, and it IS better, although not up to my standards. :-) I am going to let this sit overnight again, and maybe 'think' about redoing M4.

At this point, I can't even consider doing M4 for the button bands!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Next KAL info

For the Atelier Zitron Cambio vest you need a total of 15 balls for size M and a total of 16 balls for size L.

They are US$ 5.95 per ball, so that's a total of US$ 89.25 for M and US$ 95.20 for size L.

Of course I'll make it a better price on this blog: US$ 84.95 size M and US$ 89.95 size L.

Pattern is available in German, not yet in English, it will follow of course....

If you are interested in knitting this for a next KAL, please let me know.
Other ideas are welcome too, or if you want to see what's available at the moment on my website, please look here: http://www.astridsdutchobsessions.com/scripts/prodlist.asp?idCategory=64&sm=64

I've almost finished the M2 chart on the Garnstudio and am so looking forward to the "real stuff"!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Steek Stitches question

I finally have the sweater on needles. I absolutely love this yarn. I have a question about the first row. I chose to do a 2 by2 rib at the bottom like Astrid used. Now it says to increase 5 stitches for the steek and continue to knit. Then increase at the beginning of chart m1 increasing 54 stitches for the large size. Here's the question does that 54 include the 5 steek stitches because if it doesn't then the total stitches do not add up to 252. SO do I just add 49 more so I end up with the 252 number? Also, it says not to knit the 5 steek stitches in pattern, so can I do a vertical stripe instead?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

How is every one doing??

I just thought I would check in...Haven't heard much on this blog just lately, is everyone too busy knitting???? I am loving this yarn and pattern I am just starting M2...........(I am not there yet but thinking ahead) I don't understand where to put the armhole increases...it says on the sides but for me that isn't enough explanation so if someone can help out a little.... How are you all doing????

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Next KAL? Way too early of course, but still...

Hi everyone!

Got2Knit asked for a link to the pictures, but there isn't a link, as this will be in the new Atelier Zitron book that is due to appear only in October... So I contacted them and they sent me those 2 pictures. I saw them in real at the Atelier Zitron factory in August and was quite impressed, not only by the design, but also the yarn. It's Cambio, a lovely 50% merino/50% alpaca and very special too, as this yarn is undyed! So pure nature..... It's amazingly soft of course.
If anyone is interested, just tell me, I know the pattern will be ready quite soon, so maybe I can arrange something....

If you want to see the yarn on the ball, look here, 3 pages (all the colors are in stock)

The sweater version:

Picture of Sweater

You can't see it real good but that is because I am having a little trial period with the new scanner. I found a good printer / scanner combination at target on sale last night for under $25. So I tried laying the sweater on the glass area. Sweater pic HERE. You can see the inside and outside of the sweater and way down in the bottom left area you can see the picot edge. I will try to take better pics. I never enjoyed knitting so much before. This is a SUPER KAL and I am loving every stitch of it!! This is the greatest wool ever.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Ok. I read last night about provisional crochet cast on. I went ahead and did 216 crochet chains (10% fewer of the 240 for the medium size) using Sinfonia, a mercerized cotton, using an F crochet hook. The total length of the chain is definitely longer than the length that I got when I did the same number of stitches in the yarn for the project with US 2.

So my question is: if now I switch to my yarn and US 2 and pick up the same number of stitches using the back loop in the crochet chain, at the beginning it will look kind of wider but I guess it will shrink as I knit the rows with these needles. So, should I kind of knit 1 or 2 extra rows until I get the right gauge and when is time to pick up the bottom stitches of the hem so I can join it with the top, just unravel a few of those extra wides rows.

you think as soon as I picked up the stitches will go to the right gauge?
Or I can try to do the crochet chain more tighter but they said to do it loosely.

Hopefully I am making myself clear. Thanks


Another progress picture

This is how far I got, as you can see I knit a 2/2 rib and just finished the M1 graph.
Hopefully I can do more today :)
Cindy, you can be proud of yourself, you're obviously enjoying it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Progress Photos

Here are a couple of pictures of my progress. The first shot shows the knitted-in hem, on the private side, done on #2 needles, as called for in the pattern. The second picture is of the jumbled up sweater, but I think you can see how the hem sits in relation to the body. It is a very firm hem, which I like a lot, but it stretches considerably. For your information, I am knitting the medium size.

I am continually monitoring my gauge, since it is crucial to do so, especially the number of rows per inch. If the row gauge isn't right, the shoulders will have more or fewer rows for the pattern, and I want it to fit correctly.

I'm already thinking about the best (ie, easiest!!) way to knit the rose border. It has a LOT of colors on some rows. Sigh.

I know that it seems like I am a champion speed knitter, but let me be the first to say that I am not. I started immediately upon receiving the yarn, and I had the good fortune to be home this weekend with very few things I needed to do. I'm also retired. So please don't let my progress intimidate anyone!!!

Knit on!! I can't wait to hear how others are proceeding.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Charts - am I confused??

I am waiting for my swatch to dry and thinking that I will start with the sleeves. That way if there is a problem it isn't such a "large" one!! :)
In looking over the basic instructions for the sleeves it says to incorporate charts M4 M6 & M2. I can't put my eyes on M6...am I blind or missing something?? I know there have been some re-do of some of the charts but even in the pattern from Garn, I can't see chart M6??
thanks, hope everyone is enjoying their knitting!
Susanne in Edmonton, AB Canada

Amounts, more yarn?

If you need more yarn, please don't worry, I still have lots of grey and white.

I'm just really sorry that the pattern seems to give the wrong yarn amounts...

Perhaps we will have to try to knit a bit further to find out if it really isn't correct, as on top of the cardi/sweater there is an awful lot of white. And don't forget the rose borders!


Wao, you amaze me

How can you all knit this fast? It took me all weekend to do my swatch and just the hem before I ripped. I tell myself it was because I was sick with a cold but no, you do really knit fast.


Yarn Amounts

Good Morning Everyone!

I am very worried that I am going to run out of yarn for this project, and each row I knit, I worry some more.

Here are the stats:

9" knit, on a size Medium, and I have used 3 gray balls already and am almost 1" into the fourth.

I keep telling myself that my gauge is spot on, and that I will be coming to the sections which feature white and other colors, as well as the gray.

Don't tell me not to worry, since I always find something to worry about anyway, and it may as well be this! :-)

How much yarn have some of you other knitters used thus far? Thanks!

Two color knitting


I'm using both hands to knit the two colors. Do you know how to determine which hand (and therefore color) will pop out more (be more dominant)? I've heard this before but can't remember. So far, I'm only a few rows into the pattern after doing the bottom edge which I then folded and knit together. I LOVE the yarn! Until I get more rows done, I won't really be sure of my gauge.

Thanks, Annie

Making a sweater instead

I will line the sweater with either a normal "synthetic" lining, or a lining that's quilted (or wadded?) sorry, don't know what the exact word is.... :) I will put some plies in it, so it will stretch a little as well, I've done it more often and it does work!


I've made a descision

I'm posting this picture of my first serious attempt at colour knitting because after much wavering I've decided to pull it out and start again, this time knitting a sweater. I hate passionately to do this as I usually loose heart and give up, especially when I haven't made any errors (yet) but as mentioned the bottom band is too tight and I was planning to pull it out and re knit a picot edge when the cardigan is finished. Last night I decided I would prefer a sweater so, sadly this one has to go. I'll be starting again on the "Official Start Day"

I love the yarn, it's lovely and springy and has a softness not often found in superwash wool.
Looking forward to seeing some knitting in the blue colourway.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Hi everyone,

To make it official: we will start today, Monday September 10.

I know lots of you have already started, but we really need to make this official, don't we? :)

Wishing you all a great time knitting!

love from the Netherlands,

Help with color knitting please

I am kind of a newbee...so I am thinking a little ahead as I just finished my hem...
My question is about color knitting (I have done a few projects such as 2 color gloves)
anyway back to my question...do I carry both colors thoughout on large areas of grey as
in the "lice"? If some one can help with this question or refer me to a good source....


All that I have to say. I was going along great, when I had the brilliant idea of doing what somebody did and used a US 0 to pick up the bottom edge so I can knit it up together with the top. It took me a long time to pick up the stitches and then when I was ready to knit them together, I realized that all of the stitches that I picked up where in the cable part and none in the needle so I tried to move the needle in position but no way, the stitches were so tight that I could not do it, there was no way of doing it, so I have to ended up unraveling the entire hem, that by the way was not bad at all and the stitches that I picked up were so tight that I have to break the yarn little by little, carefully as not to cut the cable too. I already bent the needle trying to get the stitches on it.

So after cleaning up the mess (all the bit and pieces of the wool) I am writing this and taking a long break before I attempt to go back.

I am kind of puzzled now. I cast on 216 sts (10% of final) using US 2 on a 47 inches long needle so I could see that the final result was ok around my but and my gauge seem to have relaxed or who knows what, because in my mind if I add the other 24 sts needed and then switch to a US 6, I think it was going to be too big. When I did the swatch, there not seemed to be lot of difference between the 6 and 2, although I have to admit, I only knitted a few rows with the 2 after doing the 6.

I am just talking out loud here and see waht others have to say abut it.


First steps (or third)

Frogged the edge again for the second time and am now knitting a "classic" hem.
2/2 rib, for about 2.5". Cast on 240 stitches on needles US 2 (3mm) and it seems correct! Also decided I will make it a sweater instead of a vest. Are there any more knitters who want to make a sweater? I'm even thinking of putting a lining in, so I can wear it instead of a coat.


First Day Check In

I ended up casting on with the size 6 needles, more like a coat bottom. The tight bottom scared me off. I worked Stockinette stitch for about 4 rows, then on next knit row, k2 at front of row, then( yo, k2tog) across to last 4 st. on last 4 st i did yo k2tog, k2.
I worked about 4 more rows stockinette and folded my work on the yo row. it makes little picots. I knitted my cast on edge with my current knit row. that sewed it down for me.
a couple more rows of stockinette, my cast on for front steek, and then I worked all of the first graph now working in the round. I am on row 5 of the next chart, the little lice chart. I think i will do the lice dots as i realize now they will only be one row out of every 5 rows. Tomorrow I will start with row 5 of this second chart. This yarn knits like a dream!!
Here is a Excellent example of a picot knit edge. remember this one has been knitted in the round. Mine is flat, back and forth knitting, knit 1 row, purl 1 row until I was ready to cast on for the steek and work in the round. But you can see the method on this link.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I had to start...

I have swatched and the size 6 needles are perfect but I only swatched with one color so if it is larger no problem...Started the hem with size 2 needles am considering the same technique as Cindy just not sure if I have the skill ...I will be asking questions as I have never taken on such a large project and have never steeked.. soooo glad to have help here..

Friday, September 7, 2007

Thank you for test driving, Astrid

I see now that one benefit of being a member of a KAL is that someone else will start the sweater first and will encounter, and hopefully work out, the kinks. Given the dimension of the yarn, a size 1 needle made no sense to me. Thank you, Astrid, for test driving the pattern. I still have about 40 rows to finish on another project before I will begin the KAL. Annie

Casting on

I have also cast on and had to go back and do a gauge swatch. However one way to deal with the large increase from the edge to the body is to remember Elizabeth Zimmerman's percentage system. This would call for the edge stitch count to be 10% less than the body stitch count. For example on the 252 stitch body, or large size, her system would use 227 stitches for the edge. Just a alternate possibility.

Forgot to thank Astrid for the cookie

Sorry that I forgot to thank you for the cookie, not only did I get gorgeous yarn, the one for this kal and also the one to make the kauni cardigan, but on top of that I got a delicious cookie that I ate even in the middle of my cold. Thank you

Yarn Arrived Today!

Hi Astrid and everyone, My yarn arrived today as well and it is beautiful! Now I can't wait to get started. At first I thought I may be in way over my head, but now I know I have to do this; even if it takes me forever and a day! Astrid, thank you so much, and also for the cookie (a little crushed, but delicious)!


Yarn Arrived

I received my yarn this morning- it is beautiful. I will have to wait until next week to get started.

Casting on already..... PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU START!

Hi Everyone,

Jeanie and I just couldn't wait any longer and cast on...

And this is what we experienced:

knitting the edge on needles US 1 is sooo tight!
I changed the needle size to US 2, that fits me, but to my opinion it's still too tight.
So I'll frog it again and will cast on more stitches, leaving less increases above the edge, so the number of stitches above the edge will stay the same.

Of course it's also a possibility (Jeanie wrote this) to simply start casting on the number of stitches above the edge and once the sweater is finished, simply knit the rims (or edges) upside down on the sweater.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Needle conversions and when it will be time to start knitting!

Hi everyone,

These are the needle sizes:

2.5mm is US 1 (though some US 1 is 2.25 mm)
4mm is US 6

I hope everyone will get their parcel this week, at least the knitters that made the pre-orders, as these parcels were shipped last week Monday.

So we should be able to start knitting next week or the week after that ! :) yippie!
I'm really looking forward to it.....


Let me join the chorus

My yarn has arrived and it is quite lovely!! I love how round it is with the 4 plies....very interesting from a spinner's point of view. I am too busy to even think about it before the weekend, but I do have a question. Is anyone else translating the needle sizes to non-metric (i.e., US)? Why my big lumbering country resists the metric system, which makes so much more sense, I do not know. Is 2.5mm a US 2 and 4mm a US 6? Annie

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Yarn is Here!

I just received my parcel and I love the looks of the colors! I was wondering how I would like the yarn, and I am happy to say that there is a very nice twist to it, but is still soft. Just perfect. Looking forward to starting!!