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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another progress picture

This is how far I got, as you can see I knit a 2/2 rib and just finished the M1 graph.
Hopefully I can do more today :)
Cindy, you can be proud of yourself, you're obviously enjoying it!


Julie W said...

I've been looking forward to seeing the blue variation. It's lovely! I was undecided when buying the yarn which to choose but decided to go against my natural inclination and buy the grey. I am happy with the grey but I think I would have been equally happy with the blue.

JeanTownsend said...

The color is gorgeous!! I want to know how long you knitted the ribbing. The pattern says knit 1.5 inches then a purl row and fold over there then 1.5 inches again so that is 3 inches total right?
Did you knit your ribbing in the smaller size needles? what size? I love the variations I am seeing. Right now I am knitting the sweater in gray but next time I am going to knit one in browns, golds, tans etc. Did anyone do this sweater in other colors?

Aurita said...


Anonymous said...

I made the ribbing almost 3 inches long (as that's always my favorite length) on US 2 (3mm). 240 stitches, after the ribbing I increased to 252 stitches. I will be making a sweater, so I don't need the extra stitches for the steek.

Everybody is making the grey or the blue version, nobody asked for a brown (thinking of coffee?:) version.

The grey will be a great color this winter, as there is a lot of grey....

Perhaps an idea for the next KAL?
I know it's still early, but I already have seen a great vest in nature/brown colors. Made out of Zitron Cambio, so 50% merino, 50% alpaca.

Too much ideas, too little hands I guess (sigh).

I will simply knit the roses and take all the colors along, I've done it more often, several colors in one row and it never gave me any problem. I just don't hold all the yarns in my hand, I just drop them and pick up the color I need for that certain stitch.

Got2Knit said...

Astrid, that is just lovely! I'm so glad I ordered the blue color. Like you, I will make a pullover-type sweater. Still swatching but once the elusive gauge is tamed, I will be off and running!

This is very nice yarn to work with. On multiple colors, I do as you do, carry them all. It gets easier with practice. (I have knit Bohus and Icelandic sweaters.) I carry the various colors in the left hand and "pick" the one needed, and knit the main color with the right hand, English-style. It feels funny at first, but you get used to it. Whatever works best for each person. As EZ said, there are no knitting police...

This design would also be stunning in black!

Could you post a link to the vest you are thinking about for the "next" KAL? I would like to at least see it. That yarn sounds wonderful, too.

Annie said...

Your knitting is lovely, Astrid! It's so much fun to see the photos of other work in progress! I just tried to load a photo of mine in a blog, but the site said it had a problem doing it (it seemed like the problem is in the site rather than in what I'm doing). Overall, I am loving working on this project and sharing ideas and information on the blog. I've just started the second chart. A few rows back, I took my knitting off the needles, threading a piece of yarn through the active stitches in order to measure and to my delight I am knitting to gauge (using US7 needles). Annie

Cindy M said...

Astrid, your sweater is lovely. I am so happy to see pictures of other's knitting, so thanks for the photo. Blue is my favorite color. Why, oh why, did I choose gray, I am wondering now. Guess I'll have to do another one. Thanks for sharing.

JeanTownsend said...

I surely will knit another of these sweaters and do intend to use browns, coffee colors, for myself. This sweater will be a gift but mine will be browns. I think any colors like red or greens would be great too. This is a good pattern to play with.