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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Ok. I read last night about provisional crochet cast on. I went ahead and did 216 crochet chains (10% fewer of the 240 for the medium size) using Sinfonia, a mercerized cotton, using an F crochet hook. The total length of the chain is definitely longer than the length that I got when I did the same number of stitches in the yarn for the project with US 2.

So my question is: if now I switch to my yarn and US 2 and pick up the same number of stitches using the back loop in the crochet chain, at the beginning it will look kind of wider but I guess it will shrink as I knit the rows with these needles. So, should I kind of knit 1 or 2 extra rows until I get the right gauge and when is time to pick up the bottom stitches of the hem so I can join it with the top, just unravel a few of those extra wides rows.

you think as soon as I picked up the stitches will go to the right gauge?
Or I can try to do the crochet chain more tighter but they said to do it loosely.

Hopefully I am making myself clear. Thanks


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Cindy M said...

Aurita, I'm not sure as to what the correct answer to your question might be, but if I had to pick one of the two options, I guess I would just start knitting away. My feeling is that even if the first row of stitches were too loose, they will block out okay when you knit in the hem, and they will certainly not constrict the stretchiness of the edging. Good luck and let us know how it works out.