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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Progress Photos

Here are a couple of pictures of my progress. The first shot shows the knitted-in hem, on the private side, done on #2 needles, as called for in the pattern. The second picture is of the jumbled up sweater, but I think you can see how the hem sits in relation to the body. It is a very firm hem, which I like a lot, but it stretches considerably. For your information, I am knitting the medium size.

I am continually monitoring my gauge, since it is crucial to do so, especially the number of rows per inch. If the row gauge isn't right, the shoulders will have more or fewer rows for the pattern, and I want it to fit correctly.

I'm already thinking about the best (ie, easiest!!) way to knit the rose border. It has a LOT of colors on some rows. Sigh.

I know that it seems like I am a champion speed knitter, but let me be the first to say that I am not. I started immediately upon receiving the yarn, and I had the good fortune to be home this weekend with very few things I needed to do. I'm also retired. So please don't let my progress intimidate anyone!!!

Knit on!! I can't wait to hear how others are proceeding.


Aurita said...

Gorgeous work. I am going to begin again inspired by that photo


Julie W said...
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Julie W said...

Looking good Cindy! I too am dreading carrying four strands across the knitting and hoping someone on here will have some tips. Failing that I may resort to Swiss darning for the extra colours.

JeanTownsend said...

I also was wondering about the extra colors in the roses bands. I think for me if it is just a couple stitches I will do it in background color and go back with the correct color with duplicate stitch maybe? How are the rest of you going to do it?
Your work is just awesome. Makes me want to knit knit knit!

Annie said...

Your work is really beautiful, Cindy...quite inspiring! I'm glad you added an explanation of how you've had the time to knit so much because otherwise I'd feel like a slouch! I've just started the second chart and am loving both the project and the blog...Annie