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Monday, September 10, 2007

Two color knitting


I'm using both hands to knit the two colors. Do you know how to determine which hand (and therefore color) will pop out more (be more dominant)? I've heard this before but can't remember. So far, I'm only a few rows into the pattern after doing the bottom edge which I then folded and knit together. I LOVE the yarn! Until I get more rows done, I won't really be sure of my gauge.

Thanks, Annie


Cindy M said...

Annie, Check out Nona Knits' Blog about yarn dominance, where she says that the yarn coming from underneath is dominant.


I normally write myself a note on a sticky and remind myself which yarn goes where so that I am at least consistent throught the project. Otherwise, I forget!

Don't forget that with this cardigan, the pattern and background colors change throughout.

For years I blissfully knit stranded colorwork objects without even knowing about yarn dominance. Now I am reduced to sticky notes to myself about all sorts of things!!! I wonder if my knitting has really improved?? (Simply a rhetorical question.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,

This may sound silly, but do you think this will really show in the project? Don't forget this is yarn you can use for steeks, so the fibres will "grip" into each other, what also means that the yarn is very forgiving... a few uneven stitches won't show as clearly as they would in for instance silk. So just enjoy your knitting and don't worry about it, really!


Annie said...

Thanks Astrid and Cindy. Since the background and foreground colors change so often with this pattern, it doesn't seem to matter much, but I'm happy to have the link, Cindy, to learn more about it. I haven't knit with two colors in 5 years (after 15 years of knitting)since I was working on a doctoral degree. I was quite embarassed when I picked up the two yarns for this project and realized how much I'd forgotten!! Sooo, this project is a great tutorial for me! Annie