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Monday, September 10, 2007

I've made a descision

I'm posting this picture of my first serious attempt at colour knitting because after much wavering I've decided to pull it out and start again, this time knitting a sweater. I hate passionately to do this as I usually loose heart and give up, especially when I haven't made any errors (yet) but as mentioned the bottom band is too tight and I was planning to pull it out and re knit a picot edge when the cardigan is finished. Last night I decided I would prefer a sweater so, sadly this one has to go. I'll be starting again on the "Official Start Day"

I love the yarn, it's lovely and springy and has a softness not often found in superwash wool.
Looking forward to seeing some knitting in the blue colourway.


Annie said...

Julie, you have my most sincere sympathies!!! So much work!! I've done the bottom band and a few rows of the pattern and I'm still quite unsure about my gauge so I may have to rip out, too. Thanks including the picture of your lovely but doomed project....Annie

Cindy M said...

Julie, Are you certain that the edge will not stretch enough? I have had the same doubts as you, and my knitting looks identical to yours, but mine truly stretches a great deal. An 8" section at rest when pulled strongly will go to 12" or more, and that is pulling both the front and the back sections together.

I will post a picture of mine sometime today.

Good luck as you soldier on! Your knitting looks (looked??) very goodl