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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Steek Stitches question

I finally have the sweater on needles. I absolutely love this yarn. I have a question about the first row. I chose to do a 2 by2 rib at the bottom like Astrid used. Now it says to increase 5 stitches for the steek and continue to knit. Then increase at the beginning of chart m1 increasing 54 stitches for the large size. Here's the question does that 54 include the 5 steek stitches because if it doesn't then the total stitches do not add up to 252. SO do I just add 49 more so I end up with the 252 number? Also, it says not to knit the 5 steek stitches in pattern, so can I do a vertical stripe instead?


JeanTownsend said...

the 5 steek stitches are put there to be cut up the middle later. you knit the sweater in the round. it makes the colorwork easier because you knit every row, no purl rows. by adding the 5 stitches you give yourself dead stitches in front of the sweater. later you will sew or crochet left and right of center of the five stitches to finish them off and keep them from raveling. then using scissors cut right up the center of the front of the sweater.
i am making the same size. no the five stitches is not added in the total of 252. so actually you have 257 if i add right.
the reason for this is the repeat is 12 stitches. you need multiples of 12. 252 equals 21 repeats of 12 stitches shown in graphs.
then you add those 5 steek stitches for total of 257.

kim4life said...

Thank you. I wanted to wait until I had an anwswer before moving on. Now I can get started.