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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Body Finished

Here are pics of the sweater thus far. I will now machine-stitch the steeks for the sleeves and cut them open, and then knit the shoulders together with a three-needle bindoff.

I have had quite a few problems along the way. My major, major problem has always been my tension. I had to frog part of M3 chart (rows 29-38), because of my tension, since I could not live with the results. I am still trying out new techniques for stranding and weaving, and knitting with both strands in my left hand and sometimes one strand in each hand, attempting to see what works for me. I ultilmately replaced the original rows with another chart which had shorter floats, and it was much better for me. I also had to skip a few rows of M3 in order to get the length required for the diagram of the sweater. My row gauge was not totally consistent either.

THEN, the really hard part: M4. Talk about wonky tension!!!! I carried multiple colors in my left hand, and the gray background in my right. I sort of picked out the color in my left as needed. I am not really happy with my work in this area, as the the floats were really too loose on the back. (I sort of used the Philosopher's Wool method every other stitch, but I was so concerned about the floats being too tight, that I overcompensated. I have pulled up some of the longer floats on the back to diminish the size of the stitch to make it more even.) It became better as I worked. However, I can't stand to think about ripping it out and starting again. I'm thinking that duplicate stitching may be the way to go, but I was simply determined to get better at my knitting technique, and it IS better, although not up to my standards. :-) I am going to let this sit overnight again, and maybe 'think' about redoing M4.

At this point, I can't even consider doing M4 for the button bands!!!!!


Julie W said...

Wow Cindy, that is gorgeous. From the photograph I rather like the effect you have with the rosebuds, they sort of stand out in relief and and it looks intentional.

I haven't restarted my knitting but I'm dreading the flowers.


JeanTownsend said...

I am stunned at how gorgeous your work is. I can't wait til I am at the roses part. Beautiful work!!

Anonymous said...

Its'beautiful Cindy!
You did a great job. And so quick! Wow...