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Monday, September 24, 2007

Question about knitting a sweater in the round

Hi all,

Yesterday I began my knitting again but this time as a sweater. There is a slight jog where the rows join and I would like your opinion on where to place the join in the finished sweater as I think it would be too unsightly on the front. Would it be best at the back or at the side? Is there a way of avoiding this jog? Hope someone can help!



Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

I always put the join at my left side, so where normally the seam would be. It's not so visible there.

I try to knit as fast as I can, as I want to reach the rose border. Just finished the big crosses, so hopefully tomorrow I will be able to start on the roses.

I also make a sweater and it's getting very pretty! Will post a picture later on.

Oh, I also made the armholes less wide, anyone else doing this too?


Got2Knit said...

Hi Julie,

To prevent the jog at the color change when working in the round, I do the following: On the second round of the new color, as you come around to the first stitch of the round again, lift the first stitch from the round below and place it on the left needle, then knit this together with the first stitch of the current round. This will minimize the appearance of the "jog".

Hope this helps!

Julie W said...

Thanks for your help, Astrid, I agree, I'm thinking the side would be best. got2knit, I've tried your suggestion and it works really well, the jog has almost disappeared. It's great to be doing this in a KAL