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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

M3 Pics

Here is the back of my sweater containing the rows you asked for, Jean. I hope this helps. Annie


JeanTownsend said...

Exactly what i needed. somehow it is easier to see graphs if you can see what they will turn out to me. your work is superb! The kindness of this group is making it one of the greatest times of my knitting life.

JeanTownsend said...

Ok now anyone interested, scroll down to the pic posted by Cindy M I think it is. look at the diamonds she used instead of the big X. Which one do you like better? In a way the diamonds using more white really appeal to me. The X does go with the small row of X's below it though. Am I seeing the pic by cindy and the pic by anne correctly and does anyone else see a difference? Is anyone using a different chart that they chose instead??

Cindy M said...

Sorry if I confused anyone with a chart substitution. I posted about my reasons for doing so in a post last month. (Scroll back to see.) It was primarily a tension problem which prompted the substitution. I also omitted a few rows because of my gauge. I agree that the larger X echoes the previous Xs better though, but I also like a more symmetrical design. Annie, your knitting is wonderfully even! Thanks for sharing.


Cindy M said...
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Cindy M said...

It wasn't last month's comment as I stated. I tried putting in the link to it, but it was too long for the comment, thus my deleted comment. Sigh.

If you look at previous postings in the right hand column, the relevant post was Body Finished. It is dated 9/19.

JeanTownsend said...

i love your substitution that is why i asked. the chart did not look like it to me. i got new glasses finally. I got real bifocals and the prescription is way way different. i can actually see!! now you got me doing all kinds of thinking of charts. why not little birds? or hearts? i am a busy bee searching in my books for one.

Cindy M said...

Jeanie, I also got new TRIFOCALS last week, progressives. I hate being blind, and the progressives do have some blurring, but seeing clearly is a good thing. :-) Hope you adjust to them well.

Annie said...

I love the chart you substituted, Cindy, and I agree, Jean, that it's fun to imagine all sorts of alternatives. I did the large Xs as a knitting challenge for myself, to see if I could establish a loose and even enough tension. After posting some pics last night, though, I realized when I got to the front neck bind off today, I should've eliminated rows earlier. Doesn't the neck look terribly deep on the picture of the model? In fact, it looks to me like the whole sweater is really big for her and they've posed her by gathering the excess in the back! Soooo, I ripped out the last pattern (the one above the large Xs)and am going to the pattern with the yellow dots above it instead. I won't be binding off until the rose pattern. There is only 5 cm or 2" (for size small anyway)left to knit after the front neck bind off...it caught me up short. Having a group to bounce ideas around with really is enhancing the experience of this knitting project for me! I really wish I didn't have to work! But, I doubt my patients would pay me to knit! Annie

Got2Knit said...

Annie, I'll second your comment about the neck. From the very first, it looked WAY too big to me, although I think they have a tiny model perhaps in a man's size sweater! Since I'm making a pullover style like some others, I decided to just cut the neck opening after everything is done, pick up around the edges and knit the neck band. Is anyone else doing this? Of course if the overall length is still too long, you will need to eliminate some rows.

Cindy's substitution is great! It doesn't spoil the overall look one bit. For those looking for patterns and not familiar with it, there's a book out on Scandinavian Knitting by Sheila McGregor, available at Amazon, and there are tons of ideas that could be substituted for any of these charts.

This group has been a wonderful source of inspiration, tips, and solutions. This will be one of the "funnest" sweaters I've ever worked on!


Cindy M said...

Diane and Annie,

I have thought some of the very same things you did about the picture on the tiny model. Pictures of a pattern are very good, UP TO A POINT.
In this case, I think it is more confusing than anything, since I always try to second-guess myself, and try to knit like the picture, even though I know better. I started shaping the neck at the beginning of the rose border, and had to cut out quite a few rows to make the rose border placed at the shoulder. I measured my row gauge,and did some figuring as to how many rows I needed to get that border correct.

Got2Knit said...

Hi Cindy,

Good point as usual. Everyone has to measure and determine how best to make the sweater fit. Astrid and I have corresponded, and we are both the same height, tall! So likely I will be able to knit all the rows as in the pattern, as Astrid has. This probably won't work for everyone...and gauge on the rows is very important in a pattern of this nature, so I may have to do some fiddling at the top, too!

Row gauge also determines where you decide to start the sleeve steeks, and that pretty much determines how long the sweater will be (you don't want the armholes too deep, either). If you knit "in the old way", actually you can just do the tube without steeks to your desired total length, then just cut armholes as deep as you need them, and remove the neck opening after you bind off the shoulders. They recommend to leave about 1/3 of stitches in the middle of the top for the neck opening. This takes courage at first, but the result is a totally "custom" fit!