We will have so much fun knitting this cardigan/ sweater.
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Monday, April 14, 2008

A Newbie from Texas

As we say around here - Hi, Ya'll

I just received my yarn from Astrid - both for this KAL as well as the Kauni SSS Sweater. I have spent the evening trying to decide which to cast on first - but have only progressed as far as fondling the yarn and going "OOOHHH", "AAAHHHH" and reading over both patterns.

This may sound absolutely terrible - but my daughter is having dental surgery tomorrow (a "routine" tooth extraction), so I am sitting here looking at these patterns trying to decide which is (1) challenging to keep me distracted so that I won't freak out while my baby is undergoing anesthesia and (2) easy enough to do while I am distracted while said baby is having her "in office" surgery.

I'll let you know tomorrow which I chose.

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Late starters and new projects

Hello Everyone!

We have some late starters, great to hear you like this kit and I wish you happy knitting of course!

I've also had some questions on my latest projects. Well, lots of socks, as I've attended a Crafts Fair and it's always nice to bring socks of course :)

Added some pictures of new designs that are finished: first a sleeveless cardigan (look at the large collar), then of course the Kauni SSSSweater, then the Trekking HandArt Flower Gloves (colors are not so good on this picture), a felted bag from the Evilla pre-yarn, another bag from this yarn together with a mohair, then a cute hat (same yarn), another hat with braids (again the pre-yarn), then a felted bag from the Kauni and I'm now busy with a new design with reddish colors, picture will follow once it's finished :)
Then Jeanie has designed a beautiful shawl, that picture will follow later as well, I'm sure!
Hope to get some replies from you....