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Friday, September 21, 2007

Intarsia for the Rose Border?

Cindy's beautiful work is such an inspiration! I, too, use the Philosopher's Wool two handed technique for two color knitting and have found it very useful with this project. Has anyone thought if using a combination of two yarns carried (in one or two hands) and then picking up the extra colors used in a few stitches, like the green and reds, in an intarsia method? I'm into M3 and am contemplating the border. Annie

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Cindy M said...

Hi Annie,

Ah, you are way too kind about my knitting! Thanks. I am still struggling with the border though. Yes, I actually tried some intarsia, but gave up. Maybe if there were only a couple of spots of color it would have been fine, but this chart has completely stymied me. I am duplicate stitching and even that is hard. Let us know what you decide, because, trust me: everyone is going to need some help!! I even asked on ravelry and it's a tough one. Good luck.