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Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Progress: Tensioning Two Color Knitting

Having said that I use the Philosopher's Wool method of tensioning two color knitting, I realized that my tension is tighter when I'm weaving in the yarn I carry in my right hand because I am not a continental knitter and I hold the yarn less comfortably and more tightly in my left hand. Sooo, the areas where the white yarn (held in my left hand) is dominant are trickier for me. I am not weaving in every other stitch in those areas and, instead am stranding 2-3 stitches. Like Cindy, I'm also concerned about the row gauge since I'm on gauge in the gray/peri M2 area but am averaging 23 rows/10 cm in the more lively M3. I may have to do some adjusting also like eliminating some rows in M3 (rows 43-50?). All of that said, I love knitting this sweater. The yarn is a pleasure to handle and the "real stuff" of patterning in M3 is great fun. I've never attached a picture before so I hope this works. One picture will show my project just after I cast on 90% of the total stitches with size US3 needles. I folded the bottom band and knitted it in before proceeding to the body (on US size 7 needles). The second and third pics show where I am now (the third is the inside). How are other people doing? How's the duplicate stitch coming, Cindy? Annie


kim4life said...

It lookls beautiful. I see how you did the bottom. Now it makes a little for sense. I need to start over and knit the ribbed bottom before joining. Thank you for your pic's. I can't wait to dig in and really get started. I have this and the Rainbow cardi on needles at the same time!

Cindy M said...

Don't you just love to see other pictures of the same project? I can't wait to look at the blog to see what will turn up next!

Your sweater looks fabulous, and I agree that the yarn is simply wonderful. Check out my latest post for the pics of the duplicate stitching. I have done LOTS of research in trying to figure out the rose borders and started a thread on ravelry and got lots of ideas, but the bottom line is that there is no EASY way to do the multiple color border. Some people suggested changing the chart to an easier one with similar looks. In retrospect, that was a super idea. Can't wait to see yours.