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Monday, September 10, 2007

Charts - am I confused??

I am waiting for my swatch to dry and thinking that I will start with the sleeves. That way if there is a problem it isn't such a "large" one!! :)
In looking over the basic instructions for the sleeves it says to incorporate charts M4 M6 & M2. I can't put my eyes on M6...am I blind or missing something?? I know there have been some re-do of some of the charts but even in the pattern from Garn, I can't see chart M6??
thanks, hope everyone is enjoying their knitting!
Susanne in Edmonton, AB Canada


Cindy M said...

Chart 6 is part of Chart 3, and along the right hand side, rows 15 - 20, you can see an 'M' but the 6 is somehow cut off.

The original chart has the mistake. Our bigger and better colored charts posted a couple of weeks ago, simply copied the same mistake.

I looked at the Norwegian men's version of our sweater and found the M 6 there. The Norwegian women's version has the 6 missing.

Susanne said...

Thank you thank you thank you !! Thought I was going nuts!! (not a long trip believe me). thanks Cindy.

Annie said...

Thanks, Cindy and Susanne, for picking this up. It's so helpful to be part of a group on this project! Annie