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Friday, September 21, 2007

I am starting over

I have not been happy with my color work...I am working too tight and it doesn't lay flat like your picures I have even avoided working on my sweater the last few days due to this...so today I frogged my work and will start again...First of all I am changing to the ribbed bottom..
I have seen Philosopher's wool color method mentioned... How do I find it? I am not giving up I love this sweater and wool.....This is a learning project for me...Any advise would be appreciated....Thank you so much.....Becky


Cindy M said...

oh, Becky, so sorry about your frogging. All of us do it though, in order to be happy. I also love the sweater and consider ALL my knitting to be learning experiences. This project is stretching a lot of my techniques and really making me think hard. The Philosopher's Wool method can be found online at
One must use Internet Explorer to see it though. I have tried multiple alternative browsers to see it and none of them work. I think it's a great method to learn two-hand knitting and how to weave in your colors to prevent long floats on the back, but I don't think it's necessary to weave every other stitch. When I tried it, my stitches became distorted. I'm wondering if perhaps I have not executed it correctly! Any way, hang in there. Maybe others can chime in too.

Annie said...

I, too, am so sorry you're ripping....an experience all of us knitters know so well. But, I'm glad you bit the bullet to do it because you'll be so much happier in the end. The Philosopher's Wool technique takes alittle practice, but I find that I'm happier weaving in every other stitch and that my tension is even enough. My tension is slightly tighter with the two handed technique. Good luck! Annie

becky said...

I did start over and the ribbed bottom is much better for me... I am in the middle of M1 and doing much better with my tension...
Thank you for the advice...