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Friday, September 28, 2007

Body finished in blue

Hi everyone,

The body is finished and I just started on the first sleeve.
The 2/2 rib is done and I really have to start on the rose border again, luckily the rows aren't that long on the sleeves :)

It's so great to read that we are really helping each other making this cardigan/sweater.
A lot of techniques are used and I think we're all enjoying it!

Have a great weekend,


Cindy M said...

Oh, Astrid! Your sweater is absolutely lovely. And I am in shock that you could knit the multi color border and have it turn out so well. (I failed to do so, even though I tried.) Congrats to you. Now if only I could sit at your knee and watch you knit, and maybe pick up some pointers. Knitting is such a solitary past time most of the time so our KAL is a great way to share. Thanks for the great picture!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,

Don't forget that I've been knitting almost constantly for 30 years now.... (coming sunday I'll turn 43) and the rose border did take me 1 hour per row to get it look nice.

I wanted to start on the rose border in the first sleeve today, but I will be in the car all day and even though my DH is driving I just can't do the rose border in the car, so today I'll proceed on the Kauni SSSSweater.


Cindy M said...


Could you show us a picture of the inside of your sweater at some point? I'd love to see that. Also, when you did the rose border, did you try to catch in the long floats as you went? Or did you simply leave them as they were? I'm just marveling at your beautiful work. Thanks.



Annie said...

Happy Birthday, Astrid!! I hope you and your DH are doing something really, really fun to celebrate tomorrow. Your work is so very beautiful...thank you so much for the picture!! I would love to see a picture of the inside, also, to help get a sense of what you did which sounds like a variation of intarsia. I will attempt the rose border tomorrow after ripping out a few rows to adjust for the proper length for the body. I want to work on it in the morning when I'm at my best!Unfortunately, I'm having computer problems (which my DH is attempting to fix) so I can't jump online as much as usual (I'm using my daughter's laptop now). I've never done a KAL before, but I can see how much fun knitting with fellow enthusiasts like this is...it would be lovely if we could gather in a knitting circle (real not virtual) together. Once this sweater is done, I'll start on the Kauni. Are you doing that one also, Cindy? I think both you and Astrid are MASTER knitters! Annie

Got2Knit said...

Happy Birthday Astrid! I second the wish that you can do something very special for "your" day!

Beautiful, as everyone has said. Very inspiring. Love that blue! :)

I second the wish that we can get together for a real knitting circle someday. Well until then I guess you can just keep coming up with these great KALs! (This is my first KAL, too, and I never realized they are so much fun.) Thanks for getting this one started, and for such a fun sweater to knit.