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Sunday, September 9, 2007


All that I have to say. I was going along great, when I had the brilliant idea of doing what somebody did and used a US 0 to pick up the bottom edge so I can knit it up together with the top. It took me a long time to pick up the stitches and then when I was ready to knit them together, I realized that all of the stitches that I picked up where in the cable part and none in the needle so I tried to move the needle in position but no way, the stitches were so tight that I could not do it, there was no way of doing it, so I have to ended up unraveling the entire hem, that by the way was not bad at all and the stitches that I picked up were so tight that I have to break the yarn little by little, carefully as not to cut the cable too. I already bent the needle trying to get the stitches on it.

So after cleaning up the mess (all the bit and pieces of the wool) I am writing this and taking a long break before I attempt to go back.

I am kind of puzzled now. I cast on 216 sts (10% of final) using US 2 on a 47 inches long needle so I could see that the final result was ok around my but and my gauge seem to have relaxed or who knows what, because in my mind if I add the other 24 sts needed and then switch to a US 6, I think it was going to be too big. When I did the swatch, there not seemed to be lot of difference between the 6 and 2, although I have to admit, I only knitted a few rows with the 2 after doing the 6.

I am just talking out loud here and see waht others have to say abut it.



Cindy M said...

You poor thing. So sorry the knitted-in hem technique didn't work for you. You and the crinkly frogged yarn have my sympathies!!

As far as tension issues go, it is a huge problem for me, and I struggle with it all the time. All I can say is to swatch, and continually check your tension as you continue on with the project. I tend to tighten up as I get more comfortable with a new yarn and project. (go figure that out!!) Add to that the use of two colors and my tension issues become very big.

Personally, I love the really firm edging I did with the size 2 needles, and I wish the main body of the sweater were done on slightly smaller needles too. That's some of my tension problems, I think.

How does everyone else deal with tension throughout a large project?

Annie said...

What frustration, Aurita! I ended up using a US3 to do the edge and I, too, knitted the edges together after folding the two pieces... not an easy task but I got it to work. Also, I cast on 90% of the stitches (205 for small). THEN, when I started knitting the first chart, I realized that I thought the total number of stitches specified (228 for a small)included the 5 steek stitches, BUT IT DOESN'T....FOR ANYONE WHO ISN'T THIS FAR. Sooo, on the first row of the chart I increased another five stitches.
About the tension issues.....I totally agree with Cindy that tension is so variable. Until I have really hit my stride with two colors and motoring on in the round I really have no idea. I know some people start with sleeves in order to do a swatch but I'm too stubborn for that. HENCE, the crap shoot that knitting can be despite one's best intensions.
I have a question. I am using two hands to knit the two yarns. I have heard that, depending on which hand one holds which yarn, one yarn will "pop" out in the knitting...i.e. be more dominant. Does anyone know about this?

Aurita said...

Thanks Cindy. You made me laugh. I on the other hand seem to get relax as I work on a project.

I like the tighter gauge too so once I get a little relax, I may swatch again with size 5 and see what I get and do the edge at 2. Maybe tomorrow if I am not too tired after work and after my quilt guild meeting.


Aurita said...


I know what you are talking about the two hand knitting, and it is true one of them pops out more but I can't not remember at the moment which one. I think is in Lucy's DVD, if I find it , I will let you know