We will have so much fun knitting this cardigan/ sweater.
Everybody is welcome to join us! Just send us a mail and we'll send you an invitation.


Click on this to find the pattern and a BIGGER picture:

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Better graphs for the charts

Hi all. This is a test to see if you like the way that I have done the chart. Astrid asked the folks at Garnstudio and they say that we were allowed to post better graphs of the charts here, as long as we do not sell the patterns.
This is chart M1. I used a free java program online made by Jacquie to create the chart and adobe photoshop to save the chart and be able to publish it here (her program only allows you to save screen shots).
I can change the graph if you do not like it, this will serve as a test to see if after pasting the image here, we get a big chart and clear enough, so if any of you do not like it, let me know and we go from there.
It is numbered for round knitting with row numbers at the right. To make it easier, I made every other row a slight different color. I also made every square in the graph to look like a rectangle to mimic the gauge ratio of 26 rows and 20 stitches. At the end there is a key for the symbols. I used the default colors, so for those of you using blue, just change grey for blue. Well in a momnet I see how well this work at least form my computer. I will wait to see your replies before I post the other graphs.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

First delivery Garnstudio arrived!

This is the kit with color 16.
Also with main color 16, but I replaced the green 45 by green 47
With main color 37 (a dark "jeans" blue)
Main color 37, but the green 45 replaced by the green 47.

As you can see, the first delivery Garnstudio arrived! The nature-white wasn't included, that will arrive in approximately 2 weeks from now. To give you an idea I added another white ball, but the Garnstudio will be more nature-white.

Now please, the knitters that ordered already and think they like the pine-green 47 better than the 45, just tell me and I'll change it on your order.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Ordered my kit

Well, I went ahead and ordered the kit from Astrid in the grey colorway yesterday and I am dying to get my yarn. I am in Cleveland, Oh so it will be a little while. I did print the pattern and when I have time, I will type the graph in excel or any other program so I can print the graph bigger and more sharp. If I ever get around to do that and if it is allowed (from the copyright side of things), I can post the file for others to use.


Single balls available !

I've listed single balls Garnstudio Karisma (grey and white) on the website, so if you want a few balls extra because you want to make it bigger or longer or you wish to knit the matching socks as well, that's possible!

I also ordered in pink colors, for the knitters that don't like the red of the roses border.
As soon as I get the confirmation that these colors are on their way, I will list them on the website as well.

Please note that if you don't like the grey main color of the sweater/cardigan, that there's also a listing that contains the beautiful blue color 37 instead of the grey 16.

You can find all the listings here.

Just ask me if you have any more questions!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hi everyone,
I just wanted to say hello and I can't wait to get started. I live in the midewest section of the United States.

Where Do I Find The Free Pattern

Click HERE and it should take you right to the free pattern. go down halfway on the page and see PRINT. I sure hope this helps. If you want to look at the other free patterns go to that page, now look at the top of that page, click PATTERNS and you will get many more to look at.

Question about size

What size is the medium going to be? Looking at the European size, Uk size and Us Size chart a medium is size 10 or 36"! I am a 34", wouldn't the Medium be a little too big for me? I like my sweaters a little big but not way too big! Should I do the small. I am not sure how much "design ease" is in the pattern does anyone know? I know we have awhile until we start I just want to make sure of the size before I start. I looked at the pattern and it looks big on the girl! Help! Thanks

Getting Ready.

I printed out the free pattern. Then got all the measurements I need written down on paper. Look at the printed pattern for picture of sweater form. I wrote in all the measurements I will need on my picture and also converted all of the measurements given to inches. This is a good place to start and free so far. Now decide on yarn choices and color options. I am knitting it as given. If I want to make changes I will do it the second time around.

If you need a larger or looser fitting sweater now is the time to figure out the changes. The largest measurement I see given is just under 50 inches around. Many of us will want a looser sweater. Figure out how big around you want yours.

If knitting at gauge every 21 stitches is another 4 inches or so. The graphs are 12 stitches wide. So an additional cast on of 24 stitches gives you a fat 4 inches extra and 2 extra repeats of the sweater graphs. If that is correct then an additional cast on of 48 stitches should give you about 8 to 81/2 inches additional sweater. Also giving you 4 additional graphs. One each for the left side back and front, and for the right side back and front. Still easily divided up and markered off.

Remember if you add width it will move your sleeve down your arm by that much too. So if you add 8 inches to the sweater it will move the sleeve down 2 inches. Your sleeve would need to be 2 inches shorter. Now someone that is following this along see if my figures sound right and add a comment to this post. I don't think the neck would need much adjusting, depends on what you need personally.

More yarn

Of course it's possible to order extra balls.
I expect the first Garnstudio delivery (a BIG delivery) next week (week 31), a little later than usual with the Fabel sock yarns, as they are also having holidays in Norway (so I’m already very happy I could get delivered now J). I will sort everything out and will also add single balls to my website, so anyone with a bigger size than mentioned on the pattern (or who wants to make it longer for instance) can buy extra balls. The nature white color (01) will follow in week 32 or 33, as that one is sold out at the factory at the moment.

Think this is the best way to do it? If you have any more questions, just ask me, I will be happy to help!

This will be so much fun, I will participate myself as well of course!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Yarn

I sent out a note asking if I can get more yarn with my order I would happily pay the additional cost. I was thinking of 1 skien of each color and 2 of the main color or colors. I wear a 16 but because I have fibro I have a hard time with close fitting garments... This is my first sweater and I would be so bummed if it did not turn out so I could wear it.. Please advise..

pekelady@msn.com is the address I purchased it under...

Other colors for this sweater/cardigan

Of course you can choose other colors, but I don't stock every color available.

I will do my best to purchase as many colors as I can!

Here you can find the shade card, it seems that some colors are already discontinued according to Garnstudio.

for the kit as shown on the picture, you will get the following colors:
16, 01, 18, 48 (46 is discontinued), 45, 52 (10 is also discontinued).
Garnstudio advised these colors, so they will be beautiful!



I am interested in the kal with a larger size. If not possible, I will do it for one of my daughters in the stated size. Are there different color options available or is that too much of a hassel? Grammy

Garnstudio Karisma Knit-A-Long

Welcome to Astrid's Knit-A-Long!

The first project is a Garnstudio cardigan.

Yarn: Garnstudio Karisma, 100% wool, superwash.

needle size US 6 (4mm).

Colors: grey, nature-white, red, coral, green and yellow.

Price is US$ 74.95 for all the yarn you need for size M or L.

You can buy it here: