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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Set in sleeve

I've been thinking about setting in the sleeves. Here's the sleeve basted in with the traditional dropped shoulder. Here's the sleeve set in:

This is what the armhole looked like:

I cut a slit in the sleeve to allow it to fit. The slit is the same width as the armhole, 10 cm in this case.

What do you think? I'm favoring the set in sleeve.
Yes, I'm planning a cardigan. The steek is in the back for these photos. I really love the rose pattern on the button bands. Has anyone started them yet? How are they going?


Cindy M said...

Hi Leslie,

I love photos, so thanks for posting them. You have done a great job and it looks wonderful on you!!

I do like the set in sleeves, but how will you achieve that? Will you shape the shoulder on the sleeve, and will you then cut off the excess shoulder from the body? I can't wait to see what you do. I opted for the drop shoulder, not because it looked better on me, but because it was easier and more straightforward.

As to the rose border on the button band, I haven't seen anyone's sweater with this feature yet. Mine is plain. I think Annie said she was knitting hers plain as well. You might want to read back to one of Astrid's posts about stranded knitting on buttonholes. She basically said that it created a mess. But I do agree it's lovely, so I await more of your pictures!


Leslie said...

I'm going to cut away the armholes along the red basting. Of course I will machine stitch first. That gives a square shape. The sleeve isn't shaped either. The underarm slit is sewn into the horizontal part of the armhole.

Also it was easier to knit the body without sleeve steeks or neckline shaping. I will cut away the neck shaping too. That way I can try it on and adjust.

I'm halfway up the second sleeve. Stay tuned for photos with both sleeves in.

I stranded the rose pattern on the body, but I'm going to experiment with duplicate stitch for the band. For one thing, all those stranded colors are bulky. I certainly get my fingers caught in all those strands when I try on the sleeves!

Thanks for your comments.