We will have so much fun knitting this cardigan/ sweater.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Making progress

I am making good progress on my sweater and enjoying every minute of knitting it!
No pics right now but I am just about to finish up chart M3 and then on the roses and all those colours.
Has anyone wondered why there is no M5? for this sweater? makes one wonder doesn't it?
Hope you are all enjoying knitting this wonderful sweater as much as I am
Thanks Astrid..
btw, I am using some Canadian yarn. Briggs & Little from New Brunswick. A little more friendly to my yarn deprived wallet at the moment but wonderful just the same. Will need a good vinegar soak when complete but that is ok.
take good care everyone and Happy Knitting!
Susanne in cooler Edmonton, AB Canada


Got2Knit said...

Hmmmm, yes, no M5. Maybe that was for the man's version, without roses? Just a wild guess...

Julie W said...

Susanne, I'm intrigued, why do you need to soak the yarn in vinegar?


Cindy M said...

M5 is indeed from the man's version of the sweater, as got2knit speculates. In case you're interested, check out this link…