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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Help with sleeves

I am starting the sleeves and I am not sure how to handle the increases. I am doing the middle size, that tells you to right away after doing the edge increase 12 stitches (final 58) and begin doing M4, but the pattern repeat is 12 stitches, so I am planning on increasing 2 more stitches to make it to 60, a number divisible by 60. Then they want you to increase 2 stitches at a time for 32 times every 3rd or 4th row, but if you do that there will not be enough stitches to repeat full pattern stitch for a while, what do you do then? How you handle that?




Anonymous said...

Hi Aurita,

Don't worry about it, a sleeve always has many increases along the way. Most of the increases will be in the lice pattern, so not so obvious. If you might run into two lice stitches next to each other, simply leave one out.
At least, that's what I always do.

Hope this helps?


Aurita said...

Thanks Astrid

Leslie said...

Yes, that's what I do too. This is a test comment to see if my password is working.


Leslie said...

Excellent. I am thinking about doing set in sleeves. Tomorrow I'll post some photos of the dropped shoulder vs set in.