We will have so much fun knitting this cardigan/ sweater.
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sweater finished !

Fresh from the needles .......


Cindy M said...

JUST GORGEOUS!!! Beautifully executed. Thanks to you and your husband for posting so many inspiring photographs.

Annie said...

Your sweater is very beautiful, Astrid!! You and Cindy are amazing knitters....thanks to you both for your advice and excellent pictures. I go to the NY State Sheep and Wool Festival tomorrow to wallow in fiber and like-minded fiberholics. I'll post some pics when I get the sleeves done....Annie

Susanne said...

that is one gorgeous sweater Astrid! you should be very proud.

Got2Knit said...

Way to go Astrid! I do love the blue...Let me add my thanks to you and your husband for the photos and you and Cindy for the many helpful comments. I'm just starting the colorwork at the top (just above the lice), so not too far along now, but it's great to see how it will look when finished.


Anonymous said...

Sure I'll still be here to answer questions and send pictures if necessary. The sweater is for my mother's birthday, she doesn't know it yet, only hope it fits!

I'll pass the compliment to my DH, he's the photographer around here.
I'm better with yarns :)

Thanks so much!

JeanTownsend said...

i am determined to finish my own sweater after seeing the finished ones here. the gray and the blue are absolutely stunning. i think i want to do one in browns next!!

Anonymous said...

I think it will look good in any color... there are many beautiful colors in the Karisma. 04 and 56 will look beautiful as well. What also might be a great yarn for this type of sweater would be the Atelier Zitron Cambio....

I will post a picture of a lovely cardigan out of Atelier Zitron Lifestyle that I think will make most of you drool (well, it makes me drool :)