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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Steeks !

Just made the steeks, my husband was taking pictures over my shoulder..

I chose to make not a zig-zag stitch, but a stretchy lock-stitch.

The shoulders are now closed as well and I'm off to sew in the sleeves.

After that the collar :)



Cindy M said...

Oh, my! What wonderful pictures of the preparation and cutting of the steeks. It all looks so neat.

Thanks so much for posting.

Anonymous said...

I'm now busy knitting the collar. As I always like a big collar (I always have a cold neck and back otherwise) it doesn't go as quick as I would like to..... I'm half-way though!

I'm not so concerned about the long floats at the back of the rose border, I'm used to making balls of my hands whenever I pull on a sweater :) The wool will do the rest after a while, the fibres will cling into each other, so the problem will solve itself!


(busy making preparations for the stitch and bitch day in Rotterdam November 3rd....)

Julie W said...

I'm still a long way from completing this sweat but thinking ahead, when you machined the steeks did you use some sort of backing to help the knitting through the machine and did you find the stitch you used to be a good one for steeks?

You pictures are very helpful, thank you.

Julie x