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Sunday, November 4, 2007

I've outfoxed myself

I finished the second sleeve and basted it in. I like the way it looks:

Here it is with the steek in the front:

The problem is that I've run out of blue yarn. I had to take out part of the sleeve hem to finish the second sleeve. That hem was too tight; I was planning to re-do it anyway.
It's not surprising I ran out: look how much knitting I cut away for the armholes:

I felt bad about a lonely ball of yarn traveling from Holland by itself so I ordered some Kaffe Fasset sock yarn to keep it company.
I have plenty to do before the yarn arrives. I can finish the inside of the bottom hem with white. I think I'll knit in my name and the year. That's an Elizabeth Zimmerman idea I've always liked. I'll experiment with the sleeve cuff. And I have to permanently sew in the sleeves.
Have you seen what Jean Townsend is doing? On her blog http://www.justmejeanie.blogspot.com/ she shows the bird pattern she's knitting on this sweater. I can't wait to see it. I think it will be lovely.


1 comment:

Cindy M said...

Hi Leslie,

Oh, my, it is going to be gorgeous! Hurry up and finish so we can all see the results, especially the button band.

I also ran out of yarn. In fact, I ordered two more balls of the gray to finish mine. Hopefully, Astrid will have more of your blue dyelot, but if not, at least you can use the new at your bands.

Great minds think alike! I ordered more sock yarn from Astrid when I placed the order for more gray, too!

You have some great ideas. Thanks for sharing with us all.