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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Question about front ribbing

For some reason my mind will not wrap itself around knitting this sweater. I am just working on the back but I have a couple questions about the front of the sweater.
I understand about adding the 5 extra stitches for the front of the sweater for the sweater band. 2 things I cannot understand is where to put the extra stitches for the armhole streeks need to be added, I have read the comments and the directions and I know my sinuses are driving me crazy but I don't get where to add them. I am making the small by the way!

Also when you are working the ribbing for the front, how did everyone do this, Can I cast on half the stitches for the ribbing with one ball of yarn then cast on the other half of the stitches for the ribbing with another ball of yarn all on the same needle. Then I thought I would knit the 2 halves separate on the same needle but using 2 balls of yarn knitting them until I needed to start the first row of the body of the sweater then I would knit the 2 halves together with 1 skein of yarn and go from there. That way the ribbing would not be cut it would already be separated! Does this sound right?
Thanks for the help!

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JeanTownsend said...

i cast on the total number of my ribbing stitches and did my ribbing back and forth not around and around. after the ribbing i joined it into a circle with the front steek stitches. worked my sweater in the round up to the underarms. i divided my sweater by figuring the total number of stitches that made up the front and back, dividing it by 2. then the front for me is 1/2 of the front stitches so i divided the stitches that make up my front of my sweater into 2. one left side one right side. marked it for under the arms. when i got to that row i cast on the steek stitches for the armholes. i work in the round, when i come to the armhole i work the steek stitches in gray, the begin my pattern on the other side of it again.
that is how i did mine.
when i get to the part that you cast off for the front of the neck of the sweater i am going to cast on another steek amount and continue working my sweater in the round until finished. i cant do colorwork back and forth.