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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Some pics

Hi Everyone,

Here are pics showing the rose border I knitted on the body of my sweater, plus the spagetti on the wrong side (which, as you said, Cindy, I'd prefer not to display). Cindy, your knitting is gorgeous...it's so interesting to see the sweater with the body and your knitting of the shoulder is so superior, I think, to sewing it together. About the button bands.....although the model's sweater has the rose border on the button bands, the directions don't describe that. My inclination is to do a plain gray button band, with a red stripe....but I'm fascinated to hear what others think. Astrid and Cindy, I'm so grateful to you two for forging ahead so that I can benefit from your experience! Annie

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Cindy M said...

Annie, I wish I had persevered with the knitting of the rose border like you and Astrid. It looks a lot neater than the duplicate stitch, but I have a question for you. Are you concerned about the length of the floats? I would worry but perhaps in reality, they aren't that long.

Lovely, lovely, lovely.