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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Think I have messed up

Okay I have messed up good this time. Don't ask me what I was thinking my brain must be mush or something.
The 188 stitches for the ribbing is for the entire sweater correct not just half of the sweater. The sweater is being worked in the round so there is no side seam right!
I think I need to finish one big project at a time instead of doing 3 big projects at the same time. I have gotten 2 of my projects confussed! ouch!
Thanks for the help for a crazy lady right now!


Anonymous said...

Yes, the 188 stitches is for the complete sweater, there are no side seams. You only knit the bottom band back and forth, the rest of the body is knitted in the round.

Cindy M said...

I have SO been in the same position as you!!! Fewer projects does help - most of the time, anyway!!!