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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Home Stretch

I'm done with the knitting, but have a little bit more duplicate stitch to finish up and then the buttonholes need some attention. (I did a 3 stitch buttonhole instead of the 2 the pattern suggested.) I will probably not do any embroidery on the button bands, mainly because I've run out of steam, but I sure do think it would look great. Buttons have not been found nor purchased yet.

I'm mostly very happy with how the sweater turned out. My techniques are improving greatly, with all the help from everyone.

One other note: I ordered and used almost all of two more balls of the gray. I knit the medium size which was very generous.

I have loved watching everyone's progress. Thanks, Astrid.


Annie said...

Cindy, you are a master knitter! Your sweater is very lovely and inspiring to see. I, too, am not planning to duplicate stitch on the button bands which is more labor intensive than I'm willing to do. I love how you used the red for the facing for the neck band. I'm stalled, at this point, after the edge on the first sleeve having not found the time or mind space to do the rose border. Cindy and Astrid, did you machine or hand stitch the steeks before cutting? You go girls!! Annie

Julie W said...

Cindy, that is a beautiful cardigan. Are you going to model it for us? Did the duplicate stitch take long to do? I'm relieved now that I knit it as a sweater and don't have to cut it down the middle. Julie

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,

I used the sewing machine for the steek stitches.

The sweater is finished and in a few moments I will have pictures.....

Cindy: it's beautiful! I like the red facing of the collar a lot!
Great work :)


Cindy M said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I appreciate it!

Annie, Like Astrid, I also machine-stitched the steeks. I have a very old straight stitch sewing machine, so I set the stitch size to be very small and did two rows on each side of the cutting stitch. I have learned from past experience to use a contrasting color so I could see to cut!!!

Julie, The duplicate stitching wasn't quick, I'll tell you that. But the knitting in wasn't quick either. Ask Astrid. :-)

I just purchased some silver buttons and plan on sewing them on shortly. I'll post my final pics at that time. And maybe my thoughts as to what I would do differently.

Annie said...

Thanks Cindy and Astrid for clarifying how you stitched the steeks before cutting. I'd love to hear from both of you any thoughts post knitting about what you might have done differently. Isn't so much of the fun of this KAL thinking through the knitting and the various alternatives together?