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Monday, October 1, 2007

Sleeve started

Hi everyone!

I'm back, a year older ! :) Had a great birthday, thank you all so much.

I started on the first sleeve and again, the roses were the hard part.
I'm knitting the sleeve in the round as well and because you don't have such a long row, it tends to curl up on the needles, therefore it's quite difficult to determine the right lengths of the different yarns on the back.

But, it worked and a picture will follow later.

Is anyone else doing the sleeves? And how did you do the rose border there?


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JeanTownsend said...

i am so very glad you had a good birthday. Hope you had lots of fun! i can't thank you enough for starting this kal. I'm really learning a lot about how to do the roses and even though I am still on the body part half way into the armholes it is very exciting to see other's progressing ahead of me, leading the way. Best wishes, J