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Saturday, August 11, 2007

M3 last graph

This is the last graph. I adjusted the size so it can be printed in one page. I don't see any errors, but if you find some, let me know and I will fix it. Enjoy it. Now just to wait for the yarn and then the funs begins, well hopefully it will be fun. As I said before this is my fist time with not only fair isle but also steeking.

IMPORTANT: After uploading the image, it came out really small when printed, so I changed and now is much better. For this particular graph, I suggests that you right click in the image, choose the option open in a new window, and from there, choose the print preview option and under scale, tell it to print it at 70% so that it comes out in one page, at least those are the settings in my computer, it may be different in yours. You can also saved it from that new window


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