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Friday, August 3, 2007


Thank you, Aurita, for the much improved graphs and for your very helpful instructions about how to save/print them. I had no trouble with graphs M2 and M3, but couldn't print MI. Perhaps the first one was only a test? Annie


Aurita said...

Hi Annie:

I am glad you find them helpful. The first one should print the same as the others, the test referred that i was not sure how it was going to look when I did it. But after loading all of them, I did print them form the blog and I can. Maybe it was just a fluke, see if you can print it one more time, try the different ones that I suggested and maybe one will work. If not let me know.

I am working on the last graph and I may have to break that one, if it turns out to be too long, not sure yet.


Annie said...

I tried printing the first graph again and it worked beautifully. Thanks! Annie