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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Coloured Charts

I"ve made these coloured charts because I find symbols rather confusing as I don't easily translate them into colours. I've also copied the repeats three times to give me a better idea of the overall pattern. It's good to see how everyone else works.

Should you find these charts useful, click on the image to open the page with the large image and download that one.


Annie said...

You and Aurita are techno-chart geniuses! Thanks so much for your very clear charts, Julie. My hat is off to both of you for your computer/cyber acumen. Annie

Aurita said...


Those charts are great. I too also work in color better, but I thought I could not change the chart, just do them like they were or as close to what they were. I am glad that is not the case, because I will follow yours, they are great.


Julie W said...

Ooops! I hope I haven't done anything wrong. I never thought that it would matter if I reproduced the charts in colour since we have permission to make them more readable and post them on the site. Is that OK Astrid?

Some people get on fine with symbols, my mother was one, she just needed to glance at a pattern and she could reproduce it but I like it to be glaringly obvious just what I am trying to do.

Astrid's Dutch Obsessions said...

Don't worry about the colored charts, as long as we don't sell them it's o.k.!