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Monday, November 19, 2007

The first button band is coming along nicely:
Here's how I did it: I picked up stitches from the right side the usual way:

This is what the inside looked like. There was a loop on the back for every picked up stitch.

Using a smaller needle to help, I knitted up a stich in each loop. I used a second long circular needle.
Then I knitted the band circularly, as you would knit a sock on two circular needles. One needle for the right side of the band, one needle for the lining. When I finished, I wove the two sides together.

I pulled the yarn very firmly when changing needles. The transition looks good, I think. I used Cindy's technique and only knit the rose pattern in blue and green. I cut the green after every pattern row to keep the lining in one color. Before weaving, I duplicate stitched in the other colors.

Here it is partially woven:

My duplicate stitch is tighter than my knitted rose pattern but I don't think it matters. I couldn't think of another way to do it. I think the pattern is unrealistic thinking we could knit the multicolor pattern back and forth.
My extra yarn arrived in eight days and was a perfect match. Thank you Astrid!
Unfortunately I didn't order enough. The button band takes over half a ball of blue. So I've ordered more. It should be here by the time I need it.
Next challenge: Buttonholes!


Cindy M said...

Leslie, All I can say is "WOW"!!!!

Seriously, WOW. I'm amazed at the creative way you knit the buttonband and then grafted the outside to the inside band. Amazing work.

The pattern's yarn requirements are definitely understated. I also had to order 2 extra main color balls.

Your pictures and descriptions are helpful to understand what you did.

Good luck as you work the buttonhole side.


Got2Knit said...

Wow, amazing, Leslie!!! That is totally gorgeous and a very clever solution to knitting the button band in colorwork! After that, button holes should not be much of a challenge...I'm sure we are all waiting to see the next steps in this project.

Fantastic work!!

(I chickened out and am knitting a sweater, but I had two extra balls of blue I ordered for socks and I will need to use them for the sweater even without button bands. So I agree with Cindy, the yarn requirements are understated. Larger sizes may have been calculated using the small size and never test knit to check them. Also everyone knits a little differently. You would think the yarn company would over-estimate to sell more yarn, but I guess they didn't.)


Anonymous said...

Leslie, it's beautiful! Way-to-go!

Can't wait to see it finished.