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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Question about size

What size is the medium going to be? Looking at the European size, Uk size and Us Size chart a medium is size 10 or 36"! I am a 34", wouldn't the Medium be a little too big for me? I like my sweaters a little big but not way too big! Should I do the small. I am not sure how much "design ease" is in the pattern does anyone know? I know we have awhile until we start I just want to make sure of the size before I start. I looked at the pattern and it looks big on the girl! Help! Thanks


Anonymous said...

It is not a tight-fitting cardigan.
The size Small will be 45.6 inches in the round. Best thing to do is take a sweater/cardigan you already have and fits you well, measure that and you will see if this one will fit you. If this pattern is too big, you can easily make it smaller, as it's a 12 stitch repeat pattern.

JeanTownsend said...

When I convert the measurements I get 44.8", 47.2", 49.6". S,M,L.
I assume that is finished knitted, laying on table flat measurements. Anyone better at conversion please add a comment. The graphs are 12 st wide. Any sweater pattern that fits you and has multiples of 12 stitches would easily adjust for this maybe?

JeanTownsend said...

I am posting this for our friend Eve.
"I have started the gauge swatch by starting a sleeve as suggested by P.W. For the sleeve lining I am using a 3.50 mm needle. After 17 rows I will purl a row, increase 12 stitches and change to 3.75 needle for the next 17 rows M 4 (rose band) Every 4 th round I will increase 1 at the beginning and end of round until the sleeve measures 19 to 20 inches around. When the 17 rows of the rose band is complete I will change to 4.00 mm needles. I am attempting to also avoid bloused out sleeves. Once I get a sleeve under way I will know if all of this will work. I think my changes to the instructions may be helpful to any one else that wants a more fitted sleeve. Thanks Eve