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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Better graphs for the charts

Hi all. This is a test to see if you like the way that I have done the chart. Astrid asked the folks at Garnstudio and they say that we were allowed to post better graphs of the charts here, as long as we do not sell the patterns.
This is chart M1. I used a free java program online made by Jacquie to create the chart and adobe photoshop to save the chart and be able to publish it here (her program only allows you to save screen shots).
I can change the graph if you do not like it, this will serve as a test to see if after pasting the image here, we get a big chart and clear enough, so if any of you do not like it, let me know and we go from there.
It is numbered for round knitting with row numbers at the right. To make it easier, I made every other row a slight different color. I also made every square in the graph to look like a rectangle to mimic the gauge ratio of 26 rows and 20 stitches. At the end there is a key for the symbols. I used the default colors, so for those of you using blue, just change grey for blue. Well in a momnet I see how well this work at least form my computer. I will wait to see your replies before I post the other graphs.



Leslie said...

It's a big improvement. Thank you!

Shelley said...

Thank you for doing that.