We will have so much fun knitting this cardigan/ sweater.
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The latest 'joinee'

The Late Starter

I've hankered after knitting a cardigan like this for ages - so this KAL is perfect! Greetings to you all...

Where are all the pictures of the finished cardigans? Leslie's looks beautiful - though I'd like mine to look baggier on me as I don't like fitted garments normally - so I think I'm going to knit the largest size.

The yarn has arrived - in fact the parcel was waiting for me when I came back from the wonderful 'Skip North' knitting and spinning weekend holiday to visit the Yorkshire mills. I came back with a huge amount of stash from the Mills so I had a very yarn filled week!

I've printed off the pattern - including Astrid's enhanced graphs (thanks Astrid). Now I just have to knit the swatch. Do I start with the hem as specified or do a 2/2 rib like some of you fellow kal folk? Decisions decisions!

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