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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Crazy person flies to Florida

We had our first snow in Washington today and the sweater looks right at home.
Friday I'm going to Miami for our family Christmas. We'll be opening presents on Dec. 9 because that's most convenient for us. We're flexible: opening presents and eating a turkey is Christmas, no matter what the calendar says.
Of course, I'm taking along the sweater and I expect to finish it . I'll be there for over a week and all I have left is the sleeve cuffs, raw edge finishing and blocking. I'm doing carry-on luggage (presents were mailed last week) so.....I'm going to wear this sweater on the plane. If I have any more time I'll try to take care of the hanging threads. If anyone notices my sleeves aren't the same length, will they mention it? Stay tuned.
I see in this photo that the front patterns don't line up; in real life they're okay. Maybe my next photo will involve tropical foliage and lipstick. I seem to think of blogging on my commute and take pictures late at night. Not very flattering.
Jean, I can't wait to see a photo of your birds! Astrid, can we see a photo of your gorgeous sweater being modeled, or is it being saved for a Chrismas present?
Blog to you next week: Mom doesn't have a computer. But she knows about blogging!


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,

I don't have a picture of me wearing the sweater, as I gave it to my mother for her birthday two weeks ago. She's very happy with it and just loves how it keeps her warm. The roses are her favorite as well!

Have a safe trip!


JeanTownsend said...

i love how this looks. i am plugging away. my chart turned out to be gorgeous but complicated. one of those you got to look at for every stitch. so it is taking longer. i will post a pic when i finish it. got all the kids for christmas so is taking longer but i LOVE this so much. I hope mine looks as good as yours does!!

Cindy M said...

Love the hat!! Love the sweater!! Love the snow flakes!! I am looking forward to seeing the finished object, and hearing your thoughts about it.